DISC GRILL | The Original Texas Plow Disc Wok ***Temporarily Closed and Not Accepted New Orders While We Move – Check Back Early 2016***

Get ready for the best outdoor cooking experience you'll ever have!

Cooking on a Disc Grill is just as good for entertaining as it is cooking. Your friends and family will love cooking around the Disc Grill cooking circle. We're making outdoor cooking fun again and the best part is it leaves the kitchens clean and cleanup is easy. Cook for 2 or cook for 20 the Disc Grill can handle almost any cooking occasion.

Why we are different? - The combination of one of a kind design and handmade craftsmanship makes us not only the original but the best. Every grill is hand built from the very best of materials. Our 22" discs are made from Bellota steel imported from Spain providing a quality cooking surface second to none. Visually, the grill has a distinguishable craftsmanship marked by quality and originality. Learn More

How to Cook Valencia Paella Available Disc Size Options

Preparing to make Green Chili Stew - Learn how to cook this hearty recipe and more on the Disc Grill Recipe Page

THE BACONATOR!!! The Disc Grill puts a beatin' on bacon & cleanup is fast and easy. Eat bacon and keep your kitchen clean!

Cleaning your grill and prepping for the next meal is fast and simple. Learn How to clean Disc Grills

    Traditional Discada Recipes Tail Gate Grill Favorites

- Paella
- Pozole
- Carne Asada
- Green Chilaquiles
- Discada Nortena
- Potatoes with Langaniza
- Fajitas
- Quesadillas
- Pollo al Tamarindo
- Mexican Tinga
- Manchaca
- Pico de Tuna
- Hamburgers & Hotdogs
- Breakfast burritos
- Eggs & Bacon
- Western Potatoes
- Fried Catfish
- Buffalo Wings
- Sausage Wraps
- Chili
- Fajitas
- Burritos
- Fish, Shrimp, Crab
- Pork Chops, Steak
- Vegetable stir fry
- Many, many more

Plow disc grills are perfect for tailgating, camping, hunting/fishing trips, RV's/Yachts, or simply to accessorize your backyard BBQ station. Cooking outdoors has never been more fun or this tasty!! A Disc Grill is the perfect original gift for Father's Day, Christmas, Birthday's, or Corporate Gifts.